Netherlands to Bluff - world’s longest electric car journey comes to an end

Power point to power point, Wiebe Wakker has finally reached his destination, completing the world's longest electric car journey right here in New Zealand.

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The Dutch driver left Amsterdam more than three years ago, charging his vehicle every 200 kilometres. Source: 1 NEWS

The Dutchman arrived in Bluff this morning after spending more than three years driving across the globe in his electric vehicle.

"I wanted to do something that really speaks to the imagination - driving an electric car from Amsterdam to literally the other side of the world to show it can be done," he says.

Mr Wakker started the idea as part of a university project on sustainability. Leaving home with no money in his pocket, he relied solely on strangers for food, accommodation and a charge.

From starting in the Netherlands, he travelled to Italy, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia, among other locations.

All up, he visited 34 different countries, clocking up 100,450 kilometres.

Mr Wakker admitted he originally planned to finish his journey in Australia and not New Zealand.

"I used an Ikea map to plan my original trip and New Zealand was not on there," he says with a laugh.

He admits he's glad the journey is finally over, but can't head home just yet. First he has to drive his car back to Auckland, before sending it home on a ship.