Nelson schoolgirl, 8, who wrote letter to Dr Ashley Bloomfield receives hand-written response

A Nelson schoolgirl who wrote a letter to Dr Ashley Bloomfield thanking him for his daily Covid-19 updates has received a surprise hand-written response.

Lydia Alford, 8, told Stuff she was inspired to write to the Director-General of Health thanking him for taking on the "big responsibility" of reporting on the country's Covid-19 case numbers after realising "everyone else" had been writing to Nelson Hospital or Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

"I wanted people to notice him," she said. "That made me happy about what he was doing."

She also included a picture of herself waving.

Lydia said while her parents had told her not to expect a response due to Dr Bloomfield's busy schedule, she later received a hand-written letter in the mail.

"I'm very pleased to hear you enjoyed the daily messages through the lockdown," Dr Bloomfield replied in the letter, dated June 6.

"It was a big responsibility and fortunately I had a fantastic team supporting me!"

Dr Bloomfield added that he was glad she was happy to return to school.