Nelson man whose friend sold family boat to fund cancer treatment dies

A Nelson man whose friend raffled off his family's boat in order to fund his cancer treatment has died.

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Craig Gray died on Tuesday. Source: Seven Sharp

Craig Gray was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer but was in remission until last year and was finding it tough to fund the $300-per-week cancer treatment which was not government-funded.

Unable to work and with costs causing stress, his mate Bevan Muollo decided to raffle his family's boat.

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Craig Gray’s funds for the drugs he need were running out so Bevan Muollo stepped in. Source: Seven Sharp

“I would much rather lie on a beach and watch him drive past with his kids on it than him sell his boat but he won't take no for an answer,” said Mr Gray told Seven Sharp at the time.

All up, they raised over $25,000 and whilst Mr Gray's cancer couldn't be cured, his financial difficulties were.

Sadly, he died on Tuesday, aged 47.

His friend Mr Muollo says he was smiling till the very end.