Nelson Bays fuel thefts worry police




Frequent fuel theft from properties in the region of Nelson Bays has police concerned.

New Zealand Police

Source: 1 NEWS

Between April and July there have been 50 thefts reported between Richmond and Motueka including 1500 litres of aviation gas taken from the Motueka Airport.

Incidents have also included forced entry on to private property, siphoning from industrial machinery and farm vehicles as well as stealing fuel tanks from boats.

Police would like to hear from anyone who may have information on the incidents.

Police say the offenders may have been disturbed by a property owner's dog in the early hours of Thursday morning while they were attempting another theft. Cans of diesel were found hidden in a hedge and the family's Labrador was found dead nearby.

"If it transpires that the death of this family pet has been the result of the offenders' actions I would have serious concerns about what that person or group of people might do next," says Sergeant Dave Prentice.

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