Nearly 90% of Kiwi kids have seen upsetting media content in past year - report

Nearly 90 per cent of young people have come across content that’s upset them over the past year, according to a newly-released report analysing the viewing habits of Kiwi kids.

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The report, released today, analysed the viewing habits of children in New Zealand. Source: 1 NEWS

NZ On Air and The Broadcasting Standards Authority surveyed 1100 children on their media use and found most kids aged over 10 had been exposed to “upsetting” content usually involving sex, violence or animal abuse.

The report found the content had led to nightmares or aggression, and three-quarters of the content was seen on the internet.

It also found Netflix and YouTube had overtaken traditional linear TV.  

BSA chief executive Belinda Moffat said they had seen “quite a big increase” in ways parents would limit and supervise the viewing their children had. 

Amie Mills, head of funding for NZ On Air, said the rapid new developments in social media have allowed kids to view content from around the world. 

However, that’s come with some concern. NZ On Air is now tasked with figuring out how to get children here to view local content.

“We often have teachers telling us that kids would come to school with American accents,” Ms Mills said.

“So there is a worry there that children aren't connecting with their sense of New Zealand identity if they’re not seeing themselves reflected on-screen.”