Near collision as motorist caught driving on wrong side of windy Coromandel road

A driver has been caught driving on the wrong side of a windy Coromandel road, nearly causing a head-on collision with an oncoming car.

On New Year's Eve Grant Zhu was driving between Coromandel town and Whagapoua on State Highway 25 when he had to slam on his brakes to avoid a car coming towards him around a tight corner.

A video captured by Mr Zhu's dashboard camera shows the driver of the other vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road and heading straight for Mr Zhu's car before both come to a sudden stop.

The video of the near-miss incident was posted to YouTube by Mr Zhu who told Fairfax he had to pull over after the ordeal as he was so scared he needed to calm down.

"Of course I was scared. Four people were in the car - if something happened it would have been horrible," he said.

The driver of the other car smiled and then kept driving after the near miss, said Mr Zhu.

"I hope the driver realised this was wrong. How could they look so relaxed?"

Watch: Thick black smoke billows from tour bus as flames render it a skeleton in Otago

Dozens of tourists were left with nothing after flames burnt a tour bus to a crisp yesterday afternoon.

The bus was engulfed in flames outside a fruit stand in Cromwell, Central Otago, yesterday.

None of the 48 passengers were injured in the fire, which took more than an hour to extinguish, reports the Otago Daily Times.

"There were a lot of people in it, and all their luggage is gone. They've all lost their passports, everything," Cheryl MacKenzie, who works at the fruit stall, told the Times.

Head of public relations for the Travel Corporation, Vanessa Budah said the bus was chartered from a third party, Pacific Tourways, which was investigating the fire.

"Alternative transportation was immediately arranged and guests were transferred to their hotel in Queenstown.

"The safety and wellbeing of our guests is paramount and we are doing all that we can to assist them with their needs at this time.

"The trip will continue as planned," she said.


Man dies after escaping from rolled car only to be struck by another vehicle

A man has died after being hit by a vehicle in Canterbury only moments after escaping a car that had rolled down a ditch. 

Just before 11.30pm yesterday police were called to the single car crash on Leeston Road, Springston, near Goulds Road.

The car had gone into a ditch and rolled.

Both people in the car were able to get out, but one person was fatally struck by another vehicle travelling along the road.

He died at the scene.

The Police Serious Crash Unit is investigating.

Police car generic.
Police car generic. Source: 1 NEWS