Native tree felling protest kicks off again in Auckland, with police called in

Police have been called to an Avondale site in Auckland where a developer wants to cut down several mature native trees - but protestors oppose it.

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Security staff and police are at the site where protestors are trying to stop a developer from felling several mature native trees. Source: Breakfast

The contentious site on Canal Road has been the subject of ongoing protest action this year, after it was revealed that there were plans to remove 46 fully grown native trees from the site to make way for houses.

Protestors have occupied the site, suspending themselves from the trees and impeding workers brought in to fell the natives.

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Steve Abel leapt into one of the trees on Canal Street, Avondale, as contractor felled a tree nearby, sending police scrambling. Source: Adam Yates

The site has been the scene of a number of run-ins between police, protestors and contractors, with a protestor and a police officer nearly hit by a falling tree there on July 21.

This morning, contractors and security staff arrived at the site, with protestors sitting down on the road to block their equipment, and one man tying himself to a digger.

About 20 police were at the scene, with about 300 people present.

The protestors are calling on Auckland Mayor Phil Goff to step in and buy the site for a public reserve.

Police said in a statement that they "recognise the lawful right to protest and our priority is to ensure the safety of all".