National's Simon Bridges concerned cannabis referendum could see 'Brexit-type situation'

According to the National Party, Cabinet will today be presented with four potential questions for the country's upcoming cannabis referendum.

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The National Party leader talked through the leaked Cabinet paper on TVNZ1’s Breakfast today. Source: Breakfast

But National leader Simon Bridges says his party is right to be concerned, saying, should it go ahead, it could mimic what's happening in the UK with people voting in favour of Brexit without full understanding of it.

National’s drug reform spokesperson Paula Bennett yesterday released what she says is a leaked Cabinet paper outlining four possible questions that could be asked in New Zealand's upcoming cannabis referendum.

While Mr Bridges is personally not in favour of the legislation, he told TVNZ1's Breakfast today there were questions that needed to be asked.

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The referendum on legalising cannabis will be held in 2020. Source: 1 NEWS

"If we're going to have a referendum, how's it going to look?

"I think what we want to ensure is that we have maximum certainty and information so that people know what they're deciding on and so that it can be binding at the end of it rather than a Brexit-type situation where ineffectively we ask first and then have to sort it all out."

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He expected parliament to be split on the 25 page paper.

"What we know is it's going to cabinet today, it wouldn't surprise me though if they can't decide," Mr Bridges said.

Labour's Andrew Little, the MP taking the motion to Cabinet, says National is getting ahead of itself as the proposals haven't been signed off yet.

He says New Zealanders will be given plenty of time to consider the question they are voting on.