National's Judith Collins 'sure' Simon Bridges can trust her

Judith Collins says Simon Bridges can trust her, despite the National leader avoiding specifically saying the words, instead telling media, "I trust my colleagues". 

When asked this morning if she was happy with how Mr Bridges was leading the party, Ms Collins said, "I think Simon, like everyone else, is doing their very best and I know he’s doing everything he can".

"I think we need to support him and get on with it."

On if she could do a better job, Ms Collins said, "I just try to do my own job".

When asked if he trusted Judith Collins, Mr Bridges replied: "I trust my colleagues but I'm not going to play these silly games in the media."

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Heading into a National Party meeting today, Simon Bridges said he was confident in his leadership. Source: 1 NEWS

Asked again, Mr Bridges said, "I understand your point, I'm not going to play silly games."

National MP Amy Adams told TVNZ1's Q+A Mr Bridges still has the party's support, and talk of him pushing a message of discipline and unity at today's caucus meeting is media speculation.

It comes after Simon Bridges told NZ Herald on Sunday "there was a clear and strong message that in addition to holding the Government to account in developing our plans, we win back power by being disciplined and unified", after attending one of National's regional conferences in Hamilton.

Ms Collins said she was not in attendance at the Hamilton regional National conference, "but I do think that everyone needs to work very hard together and focus on the end game".

Ms Collins was asked if she supported Mr Bridges she answered: "Of course, he’s the leader of the party and that’s what I always do."

"He’s the fifth leader of the party I’ve had and I’ve supported every one of them and I’ll continue to do so."

Ms Collins said she was "sure" Mr Bridges could trust her, after he deflected the question this morning. 

"I've been in this business long enough," Ms Collins said. "I don’t get personally hurt by little things like that."

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It comes as the National leader would not specifically say he trusted Judith Collins. Source: 1 NEWS

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