National's Judith Collins 'couldn't be more thrilled' at supporter's tattoo

Judith Collins says she "couldn't be more thrilled" after Te Aroha supporter Nik Given got a Bond-inspired image of the National Party leader tattooed onto his thigh. 

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The National leader says it has spurred her to have a rethink of her views on tattoos. Source: 1 NEWS

The tattoo has Collins resembling her infamous 2011 firearms training picture, but instead holding a golden gun, with the New Zealand flag behind her. Underneath it says, "Crusher Collins".  

"I love it," Collins said, of the 'Bond girl' resemblance. "I just think it's fabulous, it's so Honor Blackman."

"Being immortalised ... I thought was great. I'm just so happy."

Given told 1 NEWS the decision to permanently ink Collins on his thigh was spurred by a range of factors. 

Nik Given's tattoo of National leader Judith Collins. Source: Supplied

"I'm a staunch National supporter and I love what Judith stands for," he said. "And I'm a pretty bold guy and (wanted) to make a bold statement."

"I thought, bugger it, why not?"

Collins called Given today to chat about the tattoo, thank him and give him her thoughts on it. 

"He's asked if I could turn up and sign it for him. I reckon I could," Collins said. 

Collins had no tattoos herself but said Given's tattoo could see her rethinking her view.

"I'm thinking maybe I should (get one). But probably not of myself."

If that was a deal to uphold if she were to become Prime Minister, Collins said, "it may have to be". 

"It may be one of those promises I rethink in a quieter, calmer moment."

Given said the idea was sparked early last month after a Waikato woman got a tattoo of Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield at the same Morrinsville tattoo shop, Famous Dave’s Tattoo Studio. 

Given said most of the feedback he'd received from the tattoo had seen it "taken in the right way".

"I don’t take life too seriously," he said. "It's my body."