National's 'emotional junior staffer' resigns

National's 'emotional junior staffer' who took down the National Party migration pact petition on the night of the Christchurch terrorist attack has resigned. 

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“We thought it had been archived weeks ago,” the National Party leader told media today. Source: 1 NEWS

A National spokesperson told 1 NEWS, "The staff member in question has resigned from his employment with Parliamentary Service".

It comes after the staffer removed a petition on the National Party website to stop New Zealand signing the UN migration pact from the National Party website on the day of the Christchurch terror attacks.

The National Party had repeatedly denied the petition was taken down on March 15, and had told media it was taken down prior. 

The migration pact was referenced by the man accused of carrying out the killings of at 51 people at two Christchurch mosques.

National leader Simon Bridges told media on March 19 they thought the petition had been archived "weeks ago".

"I've told you straight up that a junior staffer, was very emotional, and did this on their own volition, if you like, and I'm not going to criticise them for doing that... it was not a lie," Mr Bridges said at the time. 

Today, the National Party spokesperson said that "while we would have welcomed [the staffer] staying, we respect his decision to resign and wish him well in his future endeavours".