National's Dr Shane Reti offers to help Government with Covid-19 response

The National Party’s health spokesman says his party has offered a helping hand to the Government with their Covid-19 response following this week's new outbreak.

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The party’s health spokesperson Dr Shane Reti says he’s offered his help following the new outbreak. Source: Breakfast

Speaking to TVNZ1’s Breakfast, Dr Shane Reti says he had a meeting with Health Minister Chris Hipkins yesterday morning where he offered assistance from his party to the Government.

“The very last thing I said with him at the meeting was, ‘Chris, how can we help? What can we do?’ and he said ‘there is something you can do. Can you speak with your GP colleagues and see if they can help us with testing?'”

Despite the criticism of the Labour-led Government’s handling of the border and the latest Covid-19 outbreak by the National Party, Dr Reti says the Government is "doing its best" with its pandemic response.

“I think the Government is doing the best that it can, it’s a hard problem.”

He says he was able to raise concerns with Mr Hipkins about the trip an Auckland family who tested positive with Covid-19 took to Rotorua.

“I went and had a meeting with Chris and it was very productive, we have open communication channels with the Government.”

When asked if the National Party had trust in the Government after the meeting Mr Reti says, “I have trust they’re doing the best they can do”.