National's Amy Adams tears up as she reflects on decision to quit politics at next election

High-ranking National MP Amy Adams announced today she is retiring from politics at the next election. 

The announcement was followed less than an hour later by a press release from fellow National MP Alastair Scott revealing that he also intends to stand down. 

Ms Adams said today she will immediately give up her positions as the party's finance spokesperson and the Shadow Attorney General.  

"I heard someone say once, the most important thing in public service is knowing when to go, and for me that’s now," she told media today.

"I don't want to become the perhaps bitter and half-hearted person who is still hanging around. The day I don’t think I can give it all of the energy and hunger and wake up in the morning just wanting to rip into it, then that’s the time to go."

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The shake-up of the party under leader Simon Bridges has kicked into gear. Source: 1 NEWS

She has been the MP for Selwyn since 2008. Mr Scott has served the electorate of Wairarapa for two terms. 

Ms Adams said leader Simon Bridges had been "incredibly supportive", and spoke about the impact working as an MP had.

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"It's the most incredible privilege, but it's a hard job and it takes a lot out of you," she explained.

"It's my time to go."

Ms Adams reflected on her achievements in Parliament, giving examples such as the expungement scheme for historical homosexual convictions and rolling out fibre broadband. 

"I have every confidence in the National Party under Simon Bridges leadership and their prospects for the 2020 election," she said in a written statement announcing her decision. "My decision is purely about what is right for me and the life I want to lead going forward."

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Ms Adams says it's her "ambition and goal" to win the 2020 election. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Adams unsuccessfully put her name forward during the National Party leadership race last year.

She told 1 NEWS if she were to become PM, her goal would be to "ensure that New Zealand believes in its ability to take on the world and give every one of us the opportunities for rewarding lives".

"If we can have made real inroads into reducing family violence in our communities that would be a tremendous start. I'd want to be seen as a leader who was inclusive, aspirational and with genuine compassion for people."

At the time, she said her greatest achievement in politics was her work on "progressing a package of reforms and funding to help reduce family and sexual violence".

During November's announcement of the new offences under family violence - including strangling and suffocating, assault on family members and being forced into marriage - Green Party MP Jan Logie praised previous work by Ms Adams in the sector. 

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The senior National politician said being an MP was “the most incredible privilege, but it's a hard job and it takes a lot out of you”. Source: 1 NEWS