National welcomes TPP tariff cuts, urges Government to push for better access to US

National is welcoming tariff reductions that will begin tomorrow as a result of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. 

National’s Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson Todd McClay says the Government must now do everything possible to bring the US back into the TPP.

“The CPTPP tariff reductions were negotiated under the previous National Government through the TPP and I am extremely pleased to see them begin to benefit New Zealanders today. The Labour-NZ First Government now needs to deliver on better trade access to the US," Mr McClay said. 

From tomorrow New Zealand exporters will see tariff reductions under the first FTA with Japan, Mexico and Canada. A further round of tariff cuts will also come into effect from January 1. 

However, Mr McClay says, without the US, this agreement falls short on the economic opportunities that would have been available to New Zealand under the original TPP12. 

“The US is our largest beef and wine market and our second largest dairy market. It is also the world’s largest consumer market. For the good of our exporters the Labour-NZ First Government needs to pull out all the stops to entice the US back to the TPP agreement they inherited," he said. 

“The re-entry of the US would be welcome news to New Zealand businesses and consumers who after years of negotiations and public meetings expect the Government to push New Zealand’s trade interests overseas."

Mr McClay says he is also pleased to see the Minister of Trade, David Parker, "joining National in supporting this agreement rather than marching against it".

Breaking down barriers to trade helps New Zealand to grow our economy, create more jobs, deliver higher incomes and provide more choices to consumers, he said.

Trade Minster Todd McClay has received this welcome news at a Commonwealth gathering in London.
Todd McClay. Source: 1 NEWS

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