With National running out of time, election result will be 'pretty close' to latest poll, says 1 NEWS reporter

While 13 per cent of voters are still undecided on who'll get there vote, just over a week out from the election, 1 NEWS political reporter Benedict Collins reckons the result will be similar to the latest poll.

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The reporter gives his thoughts on the October 9, 1 NEWS Colmar-Brunton poll. Source: Breakfast

Last night's 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll shows a 15 per cent gap between Labour and the opposition National Party.

Jacinda Ardern's Labour was unmoved since last week's Colmar Brunton poll on 47 per cent, while National, running out of time before the October 17 election to make inroads, is down one point to 32 per cent.

On those numbers, Labour would be comfortably returned and would govern with existing partner the Greens, which polled six per cent.

"My sense is things are starting to settle now. I think probably what we saw in last night's poll will probably be pretty close to what we see next week in the election, it almost didn't change from our previous poll as well, " Collins said.

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Labour remained steady on 47 per cent while National fell one per cent to 32. Source: 1 NEWS

But while 478,000 people have already voted - around 100,000 a day casting their vote - 13 per cent of voters remain undecided.

"At the last election there was a lot of talk about Donald Trump losing and they say a lot of those undecideds decided to go with Trump and it sort of swung him numerous seats," Collins told TVNZ1's Breakfast.

He said if voters spread out across parties the 13 per cent wouldn't make much difference, but if they all went with one party it could move those numbers around.

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While ACT continues to poll strongly, David Seymour is struggling to remember all his potential MPs. Source: 1 NEWS

Meanwhile in the poll, ACT remained unchanged on eight per cent, Greens dropped one percentage point to six per cent, New Zealand First and The Opportunities Party (TOP) were both up one per cent to two per cent, and both the New Conservatives and Advance New Zealand were unchanged on on per cent.

Also last night, leaders of some of those smaller parties - the Greens, Māori Party, New Zealand First, ACT and Advance New Zealand - faced-off in TVNZ's multi-leaders debate, moderated by 1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch McKay.

"I thought it was interesting, I thought for me it moved at a good quick pace and I think they all got an even chance to get their views across," Collins said.

"I thought the Covid debate was really interesting because that's what everyone's talking about.

"You had that complete range of views, from David Seymour arguing we've got to get smarter, focus more on the technology, go more like Taiwan, and the Greens sort of saying 'well do you want the Government kind of tracking you everywhere you go because that's what you're suggesting?'.

"To the other end of the pile where Advance New Zealand were 'hey, throw the borders open, let's not worry about masks or social distancing or lockdowns'. As James Shaw put it to us after the debate, sort of a 'let it rip' kind of approach."

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New Zealand First, The Green Party, ACT, Advance NZ and the Māori Party took part. Source: 1 NEWS