National release terms of reference into election loss review

National has revealed its terms of reference for a review that intends to scrutinise its performance at the 2020 election. 

Source: 1 NEWS

Review terms of reference include:

- Preparations throughout the three-year term by all elements of the party, including candidate selection and caucus performance.
-The election campaign including the political environment, strategy, narrative and execution.
- The strategic internal, social, and economic challenges and opportunities facing the National Party in the next term.
- Improvement recommendations for the next three years and the 2023 campaign.

The party revealed it would launch a review into the last term of Opposition and also into the campaign after the election result slashed its electorate seats and party vote.

National Party President Peter Goodfellow said National "would be foolish not to comprehensively review every aspect of our approach to the campaign and our work throughout the last term of Parliament". 

"We are committed to utilising the review results to help shape this next term, to carry out the work and changes required to position the party well into the future, and to ensure these improvements are implemented for the 2023 campaign itself."

Goodfellow did not mince his words over the weekend - telling National membership the Covid-19 pandemic meant the 2020 election was reduced to a "race of celebrity leadership" and made reasoned debate almost "treasonous". 

"We made mistakes," he said, listing repeated leadership changes, "unforced errors" and the perception there was no unity.

Today, Goodfellow said they asked the review panel to focus "on areas that the party has or could have control over and can effect positive change on".

"The panel will be provided inputs from a number of internal review components that are currently underway including campaign team reports, local campaign teams feedback, and external data including exit polling, social media, ad media data, and qualitative research."