National plans to require drivers to display insurance details on car rego labels

National is planning to change car registrations as we know them by requiring drivers to display car insurance details on car rego labels, if elected in September.

National plans to make it mandatory for car insurance details to be shown on car rego labels Source: Supplied/Getty

In an announcement made today, the party said it aims to encourage more drivers to get car insurance, and make life easier for Kiwis when sorting out damage claims or if involved in a crash. 

The changes would require car insurer details to be displayed on car registration labels and vehicles that don’t have, as a minimum, third party car insurance to display the word "uninsured" on their label.

Drivers would have to link the Motor Vehicle Database with insurer details to help smooth the process should details be required.

There would also be an annual check on the vehicle's insurance status, though it wouldn't be compulsory to have it. 

Leader Judith Collins says uninsured drivers "cost responsible drivers millions of dollars". She said National doesn't believe that's fair.

“Thousands of responsible Kiwis end up out of pocket or taking legal action because of the irresponsible actions of uninsured drivers,” said Ms Collins. 

“Many people think vehicle insurance should be compulsory but that would be expensive and difficult to enforce. We have another idea to make it easier when you’re involved in a crash.”

A 2009 survey from the Ministry of Transport of 4000 New Zealanders showed about seven per cent of vehicle owners had an uninsured vehicle or did not know whether their vehicle was insured.