National Party releases first TV advertisement ahead of next month's election

The National Party has released its first television advertisement this afternoon ahead of next month's general election.

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In the video, leader Judith Collins addresses issues of infrastructure and business confidence. Source: Supplied

It comes after Labour released its first television advertisement on Friday.

In National's video, posted to Facebook under the title "Let me be straight with you," leader Judith Collins can be seen standing in front of a blue backdrop with piano music playing in the background as she says to the camera, "New Zealand, let me be straight with you."

She said while "communities, livelihoods, futures are at stake" and "requires historic debt," the party is "a team you can trust to manage it."

"It means giving Kiwi businesses confidence backing Kiwis to retrain or go out on their own; delivering infrastructure; a secure border and a greener, smarter future."

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National to allow EVs in bus lanes, no road user charges for two years if elected

On Friday, the National Party released its plan to cut additional costs of electric vehicles and allow EV drivers to use bus lanes, in an attempt to encourage uptake and reduce emissions.

The video then cuts to a group shot of Collins with members of the National Party as she says, "It is a big job, but with our plan to get New Zealand working, you can trust us to get it done."

In Labour's ad, released on Friday, leader Jacinda Ardern talks about Covid-19, rebuilding the economy, business and employment.

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Labour releases first TV ad ahead of election

"These are uncertain times, but we've seen what we can achieve with a strong plan, so let's stick together and let's keep moving," Ardern said in the video.

Both ads will be among those aired on TV in the lead-up to election day.

The election takes place on October 17, with advance voting open for two weeks before that.