National MP's election billboards 'getting a bit of a hiding' by vandals

A National Party MP knows how she's going to be spending the extra time before New Zealand's delayed general election.

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Jo Hayes will be spending the extra time before the election replacing wrecked billboards. Source: 1 NEWS

List MP Jo Hayes, who's the candidate for Mana, will be replacing her billboards with fresh ones after many have been vandalised.

"They're getting a bit of a hiding out there on the hustings," Ms Hayes told 1 NEWS.

"People are wrecking them, having a good old time."

While she's obviously miffed, she's approaching the problem with a good sense of humour.

"Lucky I've got plenty to replace them with."

Vandalised billboard featuring Judith Collins and Jo Hayes Source: Supplied

Detailing some of the vandalism, Ms Hayes named three specific billboards yesterday which had been attacked.

One where her name was cut out; another where the wood was removed and then, in Paraparaumu, one hit with a dozen eggs

"All I say is those people have more money than sense; to waste food while others go hungry. Donate the eggs to a food bank, why don’t you!" she posted on Facebook.