National MP pushes for mothers to have a 3-day stay in hospital post-birth

An amendment bill expected to enter the ballot this week may give mothers the chance to spend three days in care after giving birth.

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Louise Upston has a new private members bills that proposes three days' care. Source: 1 NEWS

Under the current bill, mothers are entitled to 48 hours of care, but in many circumstances, most are moved on well before 48 hours, leaving some mothers "petrified" to go home.

"I didn't feel ready, and I didn't feel confident looking after my newborn and I don't want any other mum to feel that way," National MP Louise Upston told 1 NEWS.

As a solo mother, the Bill is personal for Ms Upston, who would have preferred to have stayed in hospital for as long as she could, but was not granted the luxury.

The MP is hoping the three-day stay amendment bill will be drawn from the ballot so that mothers can be given confidence and a great start to parenting.

The policy is expected to cost an additional 16 to 20 million dollars per year.

The government hasn't made any comment so far but say they are fully committed to good outcomes for mums and babies.