National MP to be investigated after allegedly driving into TPP protester

Former policeman and National MP Chester Borrows will be questioned by police following claims he drove into a protester.

The incident happened in Whanganui on Tuesday when Mr Borrows and Senior Minister Paula Bennett were confronted by a TPP demonstration.

The police say one protester received a leg injury after allegedly coming into contact with a vehicle.

Mr Borrows has confirmed to ONE News he was driving the car that was confronted by protesters, but was not aware of anyone getting hurt.

Minister Bennett was with him in the car.

Video of the incident shows protesters were blocking the path of Mr Borrows' car and that police were on hand.

Mr Borrows says he was inching forward towards the protesters and only moved his car forward once police had moved the protesters out of the way.

Mr Borrows says he expects to be spoken to by police at some stage, but is not worried about the incident.

Police say they are currently establishing further information to assess what, if any further steps are required from a police perspective.