National MP alleges two women who tested positive for Covid-19 had close contacts on Auckland to Wellington drive

National MP Michael Woodhouse this afternoon alleged the two women who tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday had close contacts on their drive from Auckland to Wellington despite the Government stating otherwise.

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Michael Woodhouse says the women gave “Good Samaritans” a hug and a kiss when they helped with directions. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Woodhouse said the women gave some “Good Samaritans” a hug and a kiss when they helped the pair with directions during their journey.

He made the statement while quizzing Minister of Health David Clark during Parliament's question time.

"Has he seen reports that the two individuals went the wrong way on their journey to Wellington and came into close contact with people who gave them directions?" Mr Woodhouse said.

"I have seen no evidence of that," Mr Clark replied.

Mr Woodhouse then went into more detail.

"Was he aware that the Good Samaritans that assisted them were rewarded with a kiss and a cuddle and would he consider that to be a close contact?"

Mr Clark was disturbed by the allegation.

"I would be deeply concerned if that were the case, I have been assured that their was no contact on their journey to the place where they visited their relative in the Wellington region."

The Minister of Health went on to say if Mr Woodhouse had "actually heard that and not passed it on it would be very deeply concerning."

Mr Woodhouse gave more detail on his claims to media after leaving the House.

"Last night I received information from a reliable but confidential source that the story of an uninterrupted trip from Auckland to Wellington was not accurate.

"My understanding is that this couple became disoriented on departing Auckland and called on some acquaintances for directions, when they were there, there was close physical contact including a cuddle and a kiss.

"I’m calling on the Minister of Health to require the Director-General of Health look deeper into the circumstances of that journey and reassure himself that he’s got all of the facts."

Mr Woodhouse also wants other questions he has around the women's movements to be answered.

"I’m also aware the car they used was borrowed and it’s worth asking the question about how they procured that vehicle and who they came into contact with when they did.

"A drive from Auckland to Wellington with no comfort or petrol stops is also simply implausible."

During the media standup he repeatedly defended his source as being legitimate when challenged on it.

"My source is very closely connected with this and I am confident the details I have been given are accurate, you will all appreciate there is a need from time to time to protect sources."

He couldn't say exactly where the women stopped to ask for directions but believes "it’s on the outskirts of Auckland."

The exchange came as two new Covid-19 cases were recorded in New Zealand yesterday. They were two women, one in her 30s and one in her 40s who arrived from the UK earlier this month.

Both women arrived in New Zealand together on June 7 and stayed in managed isolation in a hotel in Auckland.

"They had no contact with anyone else. They did not use any public facilities and were with a single family member," Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said.

Dr Bloomfield said potential contacts of the two women were 320 people on the same Air New Zealand flight from Brisbane and those in the same isolation facility in Auckland.

Prior to testing one was experiencing mild symptoms, he said.

Defence Force official to take charge of Covid-19 quarantine procedure after system failure allows cases through

Both women were tested in Wellington.

Dr Bloomfield says he is adding a rule that any person leaving an isolation facility needs to have returned a negative Covid-19 test.

He said the only person at risk from the pair was the family member who was in close contact with them.

The two new cases yesterday broke a 24-day streak without any new cases, and a seven-day streak without any active cases in the country. Today, no new Covid-19 cases were recorded.