National leader Judith Collins blames 'opponents' after election hoardings go missing

National leader Judith Collins is blaming her "opponents" after two election hoardings for the party went missing in Auckland.

National leader Judith Collins installing an election hoarding. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes after hoardings from both Labour and National were vandalised, graffitied with paint or destroyed.

Today Ms Collins revealed two of the hoardings and the wood holding them up had been "stolen" from Papakura.

She says it's been reported to the police.

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More than 50 political hoardings from across parties trashed, vandalised just hours after going up

"We expect they will turn up on Election Day in contravention of the rules," she wrote online today.

"Stupid behaviour from our opponents."

Under the Electoral Commission rules, parties aren't allowed to advertise on Election Day, which is September 19 this year.

Any existing adverts and hoardings need to be removed by then.

Parties and electoral candidates are given a set budget for how much they're allowed to spend on election advertising during the regulated period.

The police have been contacted for comment.