National launch petition urging scrapping of new fuel taxes

National have launched a petition urging the Government for a repeal of new fuel taxes, as prices creep up at the pump. 

"The worst is yet to come with two more excise tax hikes planned in the next two years," Opposition leader Simon Bridges said in a statement today.

"Ordinary hard working Kiwi families don’t need the worry of figuring out how they’re going to drive to school or get to the supermarket. But this Government is pricing them out of their cars."

He said the Government should provide "immediate relief" by cancelling recent excises and "putting a stop to its plans to add more".

This week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the Government is moving quickly to look into the root causes of high fuel prices and told reporters she was "hugely concerned" by rising fuel prices across the country.

She said her Government is now taking steps to look into how and why petrol prices have risen so quickly, jumping up by an average of 39 cents between the end of October last year and September 28 this year.

In April this year, Ms Ardern said the increase in fuel excise would go towards road safety.

She also maintained that "every time a Government policy comes out... included in that is what will happen to excise (certain taxes) in New Zealand".

Ms Ardern said "over a six year period (while National were in government) in fact, it's gone up 17 cents". 

Petrol prices set to rise
Source: Te Karere