National announces $270 million to extend ultra-fast broadband accross rural New Zealand




The National government has announced it is investing $270 million to roll out ultra-fast broadband to 190 more New Zealand small towns, and rural broadband to 74,000 more households and businesses.

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Communications Minister Simon Bridges said in a statement the completion of the ultra-fast broadband network has been brought forward two years and will now be complete by 2022.

Meanwhile the Electoral Commission revealed total enrolments are up on election day 2014.
Source: 1 NEWS

Upon completion, the county's broadband network will reach more than four million New Zealanders located in 390 town and city centres.

Making the broadband announcement today in Waikato, Prime Minister Bill English said the expansion of ultra-fast bbroadband across the country is "one of our serious quiet achievements as a country".

"It's going faster than we expected, it's essentially costing less, and the uptake is stronger from New Zealand households," Mr English said. 

 By 2022, 87 per cent of New Zealanders will have access to ultra-fast broadband and 99 per cent of people will have access to fast internet.

"This is a reach we never really thought could be achieved when we set off down this path back down in 2008," Mr English said.

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