Nasty female feud erupts online as former X Factor star Ashley Tonga threatened after spat gets physical

A feud between two Tongan women with prominent social media profiles has erupted online, as thousands of followers egg them on or offer resolutions.

Former X Factor star Ashley Tonga has gone viral once again after filming herself in a physical altercation with an online blogger. 

Almost 1,500 people have shared the video, which has been viewed 52,000 times, posted on Tonga's Facebook page while MediaWorks radio station Mai FM has invited the pair to their Auckland studio with the hopes of resolving their issues live on air. 

The unnamed blogger, whose 'Princess of Flowers' Facebook page has over 16,000 likes, was confronted at her doorstep by the performer who demanded an explanation for crude comments aimed at her and other family members. 

"Yes she slapped me but I slapped her back! and then she ran inside and locked the door," Tonga said in a post. 

The six-minute video contains a threat by the blogger to "get a tresspass notice" shortly after Tonga claimed "I am not scared of the police." 

Tonga, who was born a male but identifies herself as female, claims she was not initially involved in the feud but both have posted numerous insulting videos which have quickly spread on social media. 

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