Napier woman buried 'neck deep' in mud as landslide slammed into house with family inside

Members of a Napier family are lucky to be alive after a landslide caused by yesterday's torrential rain came crashing into the house they were staying in.

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Paula Marsh said the sound of the landslide was awful, and her children have had nightmares about it. Source: Supplied

Paula Marsh was at a friend's house on Main Street on Hospital Hill sheltering from the downpour when she heard an incredibly loud sound about 7.30pm.

"It came in two waves - the first one was so loud, and the second one came through the house," Marsh said.

"It was horrible hearing the glass and wood break."

Landslide damage at the back of a property on Main Street in Napier caused by torrential rain on November 9. Source: Supplied

As the first landslide hit, her partner grabbed her two daughters from a room near where the landslide impacted the house - moments later, the mud burst through the wall.

"He saved us all," Marsh said.

Another person was also staying at the house in a small sleepout at the back of the property.

A sleepout which was destroyed by a landslide at a property on Main Street in Napier on November 9. Source: Supplied

As the landslide came down, it tore through the sleepout, leaving the woman inside "neck deep in mud".

"She's very shaken, but doing OK," Marsh said.

Sadly, the owner's cat was killed by the landslide.

Marsh said there are still concerns that more rain could bring down another landslide and finish off the house.

No one was injured, but all of them have been left shocked, and the kids had nightmares last night about the landslide.

Inside a house on Main Street in Napier which was hit by a landslide on November 9. Source: Supplied

Marsh said she was grateful to the neighbour of the property, Chris, who drove them to her parent's house through the floods, and to Darryl at The Old Mill for looking after her dog while everything was happening.

"It all just happened so fast."

Marsh said she has sought out support to help her and family come to terms with the experience.

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