Napier judge orders serial groper to serve over five years in prison after attacks on 11 joggers

A serial groper has been sentenced to five years and four months in prison for assaulting 11 women out exercising and for posting an intimate visual recording of a women on a club website.

Thirty-year-old Jason Trembath targeted athletic women out exercising alone in Rotorua and Hawke's Bay in 2017.

A special CIB team was set up to investigate the attacks.

Trembath was previosuly found not guilty of raping a woman in a separate trial this year in Napier.

In relation to the same case, however, he and 30-year-old Joshua Pauling pleaded guilty to taking a photo and posting it to their cricket team's Facebook page. Pauling was sentenced to 150 hours of community work and nine months supervision.

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Pauling was also acquitted of the rape charge, as well as charges of sexual violation and unlawful sexual connection.  

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Jason Robert Trembath has pleaded not guilty to all 11 charges in court today. Source: 1 NEWS

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Jason Trembath’s offending left young women in Rotorua and Hawke’s Bay too scared to keep up their usual activity. Source: 1 NEWS