Napier father of six was 'grossly intoxicated' before fatal crash that's shocked Coroner of 30 years

A Coroner's report into the drink-driving death of a Napier father of six shows he was grossly intoxicated and refused when people tried to stop him driving.

Matthew William Kyte, an arborist, died when he crashed his car on Lamason Street in Greenmeadows in the early hours of Saturday, December 16, 2017.

He left behind six children and his estranged wife.

In the report, Coroner Tim Scott said he had never seen such a case in his 30 years of being a coroner.

"I have been a Coroner for over 30 years yet I struggle to recall - and I don't think I can recall - any example of driving which even came close to what I have encountered here," he wrote.

"What is to be taken from this finding is so obvious that I do not need to refer to it."

Blood alcohol tests taken from Mr Kyte after his death showed he was more than five times over the legal limit.

The report detailed some of the chronology on the Friday night before the crash.

Mr Kyte had attended a family barbecue and had drunk three large bottles of beer before 7.30pm before driving away and heading for other bars.

Numerous people had attempted to stop him from driving later that night, including a doorman at an Ahuriri bar and three other people he encountered at the Windsock Bar.

One woman even managed to take his keys from him, but the report stated he recovered them later in the evening.

He eventually drove away and crashed, rolling the car, which placed him in a position that he was unable to breathe.

"Sadly, by the time Matt became significantly intoxicated ... he was beyond reasoning with," the coroner wrote.

"He would not listen to the good advice he was getting, in fact, he acted aggressively towards the people who were trying to help him and to keep the roads safe for others.

"The only real opportunity to stop him from driving was before he became seriously intoxicated - that is to say at 7.30pm when he drove away from the barbecue.

"I have made some harsh comments about Matt in this finding and I have been critical of his mother for not attempting to prevent him from driving at an early stage.

"Nevertheless, Matt is Peter and Ngaire Matthews' son ... save for his apparent inability not to drink and drive, I expect that he was otherwise a good person and a good son well loved by his parents and his family."

His estranged wife Holly last year told 1 NEWS "he was funny, intelligent and a very sociable person that got along with everyone he met.

"He loved his family and friends and had big dreams ... sadly he was taken before his time.

"He will be missed so much and can never be replaced."

Matthew Kyte
Matthew Kyte Source: Supplied