Napier dairy owners' who fought off armed attackers were warned by police of potential burgulary

The father and son duo who fought off would-be dairy robbers with a table leg and hockey stick were warned by police only the day before they should be on the lookout for burglaries. 

Dramatic CCTV footage captured the moment when 61-year old Manmohan and his son Sukhjinder Pal Singh fought off two masked attackers wielding a crowbar and claw hammer trying to rob their Napier dairy last Friday morning.

Sukhjinder Pal's wife Sonu Kaur said her husband had placed the hockey stick behind the cash register only the day before the attack, after police warned them of the risk of robbery in the area.

"The day before the incident cops came here and said these types of incidents were happening. So we wanted to be prepared," Mrs Kaur said.

Police spokeswoman Jo Haywood confirmed the Hawke's Bay Police crime prevention team had visited the dairy before the attack.

Hawke's Bay has seen 13 robberies since March, however not all of these have been of commercial businesses.

Despite praise for how her husband and father-in-law fought off the attackers, Mrs Kaur said their response was not necessarily a "proud moment".

"It was just a defence mechanism - they attack, we attack back. It's not a proud moment," she said.

"No one wants to be famous like this, it is scary."

Mrs Kaur said since the attack she has not felt safe enough to work alone in the dairy.

"Now my family does not allow me to work alone. Before this incident I was in the shop but now they won't allow me to work alone. It's not safe," she said.

Mrs Kaur criticised the police response to the robbery, saying the police are "doing nothing". 

"They write on a piece of paper, they just grab the [CCTV] clip and go away. They do nothing," she said.

"After two days they will do the same thing with other dairy owners."

But police spokeswoman Jo Haywood said the investigation was "still ongoing" and that police were urging anyone with information on who the "heavily disguised" offenders were to come forward.

The Napier pair were warned by police only the day before that they should be on the lookout. Source: Supplied