'My son is getting blood noses' - petition to alter hot and heavy Auckland high school uniform




Students at a west Auckland high school have formed a petition to introduce a summer uniform to combat the city's "humid, hot summer weather".

The Massey High School uniform.

The Massey High School uniform.

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More than 650 people have signed an online petition to allow Massey High School pupils to be "physically comfortable".

"The new uniform at Massey High School looks sharp! But let's face it, it's a winter uniform - definitely not suitable for Auckland's humid, hot summer weather," the petition reads.

"Sweating profusely, or just plain distracted by the heat - these things stop us achieving our educational potential.

"We're calling on the Board of Trustees to implement a common sense solution to this problem: a summer uniform. Lots of well-regarded public schools (such as Auckland Grammar School) have a summer uniform. Why can't we?"

One student commented at the bottom of the petition: "I have to wear this uniform and whenever I walk to school I sweat profusely. Having to spray deodorant when I reach Massey High. I also feel that some students may suffer from the heat in classes with this uniform in summer. Making it harder for students to perform and think at their peak."

One student's mother also said: "The new Massey High School uniform is totally inappropriate for summer! I want to see a summer uniform option available for both males and females. The blazer should only be compulsory in the winter time!"

She said her son had "suddenly started to get blood noses and my daughter is getting headaches and having to get panadol from the school nurse" due to the heavy clothing.

The Massey High School website states the "uniform is a symbol of the school to which pupils belong and of which they can be proud".

"The school expects students to maintain a high standard of grooming at all times. It follows that the uniform should be worn complete and in a way that reflects credit on both the wearer and the school."

The uniform was changed at the start of 2016.

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