'My one day's run out and it has to be now' - inspirational cancer patient gears up for Coast to Coast dream

One of New Zealand's most rigorous events, the annual Coast-to-Coast race, is a bucket list staple for many Kiwis.

Amelia Smith is set to tick the gruelling race off her bucket list, despite being diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer. Source: 1 NEWS

Yet for Amelia Smith, the challenge of competing in the race is arguably a lot harder than it is for others.

Amelia, 35, will take part in the 2017 edition of Coast-to-Coast despite suffering from terminal kidney cancer.

"Last year we went and watched a friend," she told 1 NEWS.

"I did the typical turn to my husband and said, 'I've always wanted to do this one day'."

"Unfortunately, my one day's run out and it has to be now."

Smith won't be alone for the gruelling race, she'll be joined by Black Sticks midfielder Gemma McCaw, currently on a break from hockey, with the 246-cap veteran impressed by Smith's determination.

"It just shows you to live each day and make the most of it," McCaw said.

"She's still challenging herself with new opportunities. I think she's amazing."

Even having come face to face with death, Smith isn't fazed by an event that would have even those with a clean bill of health terrified.

"With all the training that's gone into it, I can't wait for the finish," she said.