'My name is Victoria, and this is my book' - seven-year-old receiving palliative care ticks goal off wish list with Hilary Barry

A Lower Hutt girl receiving palliative care for cancer she's been fighting for the last couple of years has just ticked off another an item on her wish list - being on the news for writing a book.

Seven Sharp got some correspondence about seven-year-old Victoria Vysotskaya, who needed some help with with her very specific wish list.

So presenter Hilary Barry paid Victoria a visit to sort it out.

From hugging a koala to making a snowman, Victoria said she's got a lot on her wish list.

Some of her wishes she's already ticked off, while others need a bit of help, like her dream of being on TV.

While Hilary was at Victoria's home, her book was delivered straight from the publisher, who had published it for free, into the hands of its author and illustrator.

Hilary read some extracts.

"The hungry dragon was going on a food hunt through the long grass. He went over the snowy mountains and through the forest. The dragon found a cave and sneaked in."

One of the many illustrations by Victoria shows the dragon's tail in the cave entrance.

Hilary told Victoria she should feel very proud of her book and Victoria said she did.

"My name is Victoria, and this is my book," she said, holding up her book.

Also on Victoria's wish list are riding a pony and a lot of food-related wishes.

Brave seven-year-old Victoria Vysotskaya from Lower Hutt is receiving palliative care, but was determined to tell New Zealand about her book. Source: Seven Sharp