'My helmet saved me from pretty serious harm' – Labour MP Kieran McAnulty on why cyclists should wear helmets

The topic of compulsory helmet wearing in New Zealand has resurfaced after some cycling advocates say making helmets optional would get more people biking and increase public health, but critics say that opens them up for brain trauma.

Cycling Action said yesterday that they agree helmets are the safest option, but want the law reviewed.

Choice Biking's spokesperson Lisa Clist said there are different styles of bike riding, from casual to high speed, and the law doesn't recognise that.

On TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning, Labour's Kieran McAnulty and National's Chris Bishop supported compulsory helmet wearing. 

Cycling advocates want compulsory helmet laws reviewed, saying the law puts brakes on people riding. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Bishop said he understood the case for scrapping the law, but said it needed to be proven cycling rates would increase if people were not forced to wear helmets. 

Labour MP Kieran McAnulty said he had been in two accidents on his bike, one that involved a truck. 

"Both times my helmet saved me from pretty serious harm."

He said while infrastructure may have improved in cities like Auckland, it had not across much of New Zealand. 

Eighteen people died cycling in New Zealand last year, while almost 6000 died of heart disease. 

The MP said he had been in two accidents on his bike, one that involved a truck. Source: Breakfast