'My feet in the boot' - homeless Aucklander says he's slept in his car for three years




A homeless Auckland man has shown ONE News how he's been living in his car in a park for three-and-a-half years.

Homeless and sleeping in a car in an Auckland park, Phil Rasmussen says no-one's offered him any help.
Source: 1 NEWS

Phil Rasmussen says he feels like a low priority and it makes him feel angry when he hears John Key saying the homeless need to help themselves.

He agrees the homeless need to help themselves "to a certain extent", but says the Government needs to come in and try to help people like him.

"I know they're trying help other people in town. They can find them a place to stay, why can't they do people round here? It's hard, it's too hard."

Mr Rasmussen showed our reporter his blanket and pillow in the boot of his car and said he usually has a little portable burner with butane gas for cooking.

"You can do all that here, but I don't like doing it."

He explained he puts both seats down at night and lies in the car with "my feet in the boot".

"I don't like living like this. I was brought up to be way better than I am now. But it's hard to live these days. It's very, very hard," he said.

Key claimed officials visited homeless people in South Auckland with the Salvation Army and were told they didn't want help, something the charity denies.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Rasmussen says he's not allowed to work because he's sick and waiting for major surgery.

"That's why it's made me do this, 'cause I've got not enough money to live."

Mr Rasmussen says he's been in jail "and because of a criminal record it's pretty hard for me to like get a job and live places because people don't trust people with a criminal record, especially like me. I've got a criminal record too long".

He says if he could ask for help he would.

"But where do I start? I'm a 42-year-old man and I still don't know where to start."

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