'My fate was sealed when they saw me' - Powerlifter says Survivor New Zealand contestants could not see past her size




A kindergarten teacher who is also a powerlifter and roller derby enthusiast has become the second contestant to be eliminated from Survivor New Zealand.

Talking on Breakfast this morning, plus-size model Hannah Gough said being on Survivor was a "shock" and "wasn't what I was expecting".

When asked if she thought some of the contestants voted her off because of her size, Hannah, 27, said, "I definitely do".

Plus-sized model Hannah Gough is the second person to be eliminated from Redemption Island.
Source: Breakfast

"I could see judgment in their eyes," she said.

"My fate was sealed when they saw me. I definitely am strong and I am a Survivor package, they just couldn't see past my size."

Hannah said she would use her experience on Survivor to promote body positivity, but was "gutted to the core" to be sent home from Nicaragua. 

"I am really strong, you don't know what it's like to be in that situation where you haven't had sleep and you haven't had water."

Hannah went to battle against the ex-army veteran Tony, throwing cannon balls at floor tiles to smash them, but lost. 

The first person to smash four would stay on Redemption Island and would get another chance to re-enter the $100,000 game.

Her time on Redemption Island was her second chance to get back into the game after she survived a duel against super-fan Dee. 

Survivor New Zealand airs Sundays at 7pm and Mondays at 7.30pm from 7 May on TVNZ 2 or live-streamed at tvnz.co.nz/survivornz. 

Dee said she her tattoos, piercings and general awkwardness may have been the reason she was kicked off first.
Source: Breakfast

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