'My body is falling apart' - Stan Walker on life after life-saving surgery, going to gym for the first time

Stan Walker has given an intimate look into his life after life-saving surgery, saying "my body is falling apart, my life is falling apart at this very moment. I am in pain."

The popular Kiwi singer revealed his post-stomach surgery struggles in an Instagram story, where he also speaks about going to the gym for the first time.

He had life-saving cancer surgery where his stomach was removed in September 2017. 

He says it's only this week that he has attempted vigorous exercise again.

The Irish singer gave a shout out to Stan Walker, who he worked with when the Kiwi won Australian Idol in 2009. Source: 1 NEWS

"I full on worked out for the first time - a proper work out, training, I was kickboxing Muay Thai for the first time in over a year-and-a-half," he said on Instagram.

"My body is actually dead.

"I feel like I tore two of my calf muscles.  I can't walk, I can't even tippy toe.

"I thought, 'oh it's all good to jump in and go hard.' You know, can't breathe and all that sort of stuff.  To top it all off, I feel like I've got heat stroke or sun stroke."

The popular singer is inspiring young Kiwis through his work with Youthline. Source: Seven Sharp

"My body has just realised it has to adjust to new life and system and ways of doing things."

Walker is holding his first New Zealand tour in five years in October and November. 

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