Muslims leaders closer to cup of tea with John Key

Muslim and other religious leaders might finally get their chance to talk about tackling potential terrorist threats with the Prime Minister.

Muslim leaders say they want to sit down and talk with John Key. Source: 1 NEWS

Muslim and religious communities have been waiting for a meeting to discuss the Government's anti-terrorism plans since they wrote to him last October.

Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand's Vice President, Javed Khan said they've been trying to talk to John Key about his recent legislation and decision to send Kiwi troops to Iraq.

Yesterday, Mr Key told TVNZ's Q&A he has offered to speak with the groups' leaders.

However, Religious Communities Leadership Forum's Joan Buchanan said that hasn't happened.

"You can imagine how surprised I hear Corin talking to the Prime Minister saying, 'yes' he wants a cup of tea, yes he's happy to discuss," she said.

Mr Khan said his federation is encouraged by Mr Key's comments, but so far hasn't received any information about a future meeting.

He said they wish Mr Key had spoken to them before deciding to send troops to Iraq.

"It is his prerogative to do what he wants to do, but it would be much more meaningful if he had," he said.

Mr Key has said he'll visit a mosque "sometime soon".