'Muslim ban' troubling Syrian refugees settled in NZ

US President Donald Trump's move towards a so-called 'Muslim ban' are troubling Syrian refugees in New Zealand.

However they are optimistic Trump's ideas will not win out in other parts of the world.

Back in Syria, Suleiman Al Jouja had 10,000 olive trees in his nursery.

Here, just one. But he's happy.

Syria is his home and he had all his memories and all of his friends over there, but the interesting thing he felt is that New Zealand is his second home.

In 2012 civil war came to his hometown of Homs, he and his family left for Lebanon before being accepted to come to New Zealand as refugees.

Their clothes and family photos were the only things they could bring with them.

It has now been one year since Suleiman and his wife Hend arrived in Wellington, two of the 750 Syrian refugees welcomed in an emergency intake.

They are learning English, sharing their vege growing efforts with their neighbours and experiencing New Zealand with help from Red Cross volunteers.

"Showing them how to use the bank, taking them to hospital appointments or getting them checked out," said Red Cross volunteer Trish Carnegie.

The couple are grateful for their new life, especially in light of US President Donald Trump's efforts to ban Syrian refugees indefinitely.

Mr Al Jouja feels like things will get better, and hopes Trump will change his mind and his ideas. 

They hope their family still in Lebanon can one day come to New Zealand. 

Suleiman and his family is putting down roots in Lower Hutt after fleeing Syria in 2012 when civil war struck. Source: 1 NEWS