Muslim and Christian women unite in the wake of Friday’s tragedy

There have been a lot of Kiwis going to mosques to show their sympathy for Muslims over the past few days.

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A unique friendship between Masooma and Sarah has been the result. Source: Seven Sharp

But here’s something a bit different - a Muslim woman who reaches out to Christians, and the unique friendship that's come of it.

With her green hijab and conservative attire, Masooma Mehdi's religious faith is pretty obvious.

Ms Mehdi joined friend Sarah West, an Anglican minister, on TVNZ1's Seven Sharp last night. 

Both have been moved by the cruelty in Christchurch and found themselves at one of the many vigils offered for the victims.

"I talked to her her for 20 minutes, and it's like I've known this person all my life," said Ms West.

And they found that they have more in common than a belief in higher things.

"We wanted some good to come from this. We're really strong on that. We want the world to be a better place," Ms Mehdi said.

And it all started with a friendship based on the promise that the darkness will never put out the light.

Watch the above video for the full story.