Music world in a spin over discovery of manuscripts

Two century-old scores by famous English composer Gustav Holst have been found in Tauranga. Source: 1 NEWS

Rain reprieve for sodden Christchurch, a fine day ahead as the clean-up begins

After flooding and heavy rain submerged Christchurch yesterday, relief is on the way after this morning's high tide did not rise as high as the previous three. 

Christchurch City Council released a statement saying rain has stopped, but crews worked through the night to monitor the flood-affected areas. 

Rivers burst their banks across the east of the city and a state of emergency was declared. Source: 1 NEWS

The Linwood Civil Defence Centre for welfare assistance at Linwood High School remains closed. 

The river levels of the Heathcote River are still high, with the roads along the river likely to remain flooded today. 

"Water levels may rise and fall throughout the day as influenced by the tide," the statement said.

The next high tide is this afternoon at 4.15pm. 

Beach Road in Akaroa, from Bruce Terrace to the Lighthouse has been closed this morning due to a slip. 

There were no additional road closures over night, and MetService are forecasting cloud and the "odd shower" clearing at dawn, with a fine day ahead for sodden Christchurch. 

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Waterlogged Francis Park in Westmorland, Christchurch. Source: John Stackhouse


Inexperienced trampers lost on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing rescued from cold, snowy conditions

A rescue is underway to help four trampers who reported lost yesterday evening on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. 

Police were notified at 8.40pm last night from two of the trampers who were facing cold, snowy conditions who had become separated from the group who had gone to Oturere Hut.

Senior Constable Barry Shepherd said the reason as to why the group split up is unknown at this stage. 

Police located the trampers using the "new 111 location system, which uses GPS services and cell tower information to locate a caller," Mr Shepherd said in a statement this morning. 

"The inexperienced trampers reported feeling cold and tired and all their clothing was wet."

A rescue helicopter aided police yesterday, however, conditions were too cloudy for the helicopter to land and a Search and Rescue team were deployed. 

"The SAR team were required to walk for two and a half hours towards Oturere Hut.

"During the two and a half hours, the other two remaining trampers who had already arrived at the hut made contact by text."

Just before midnight, all trampers returned safely to the hut after those in the hut braced conditions in search of their friends. 

One of the four trampers had to be carried back to the hut due to being so cold.

"The SAR team arrived at the hut at 2.45am to find one of the trampers hypothermic." 

A helicopter is currently on its way to rescue the Search and Rescue volunteers and the four trampers who spent the night in the hut together. 

Source: 1 NEWS