Murray McCully to meet US military leaders in Hawaii under shadow of North Korea tensions




Foreign Minister Murray McCully is on his way to Hawaii for meetings with senior figures in the United States Pacific Command.

Murray McCully.

Murray McCully.

Source: 1 NEWS

He will also meet members of Hawaii's political leadership, senior academics and opinion makers.

"The US Pacific Command is responsible for US military operations in over half the world's surface," Mr McCully said before he left.

"Honolulu is a pivotal channel for New Zealand's views on Asia-Pacific into Washington and my visit is an opportunity to emphasise the value of New Zealand-US cooperation in the Asia Pacific."

Other areas of cooperation with the US in Honolulu include climate change, fisheries, humanitarian aid and disaster risk management.

The visit comes during rising military tensions between the United States and North Korea over the the latter's continued testing of missiles.

A senior North Korean official has warned of an "all-out war".
Source: BBC

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