Mums' new handbooks for parenting help tackle life's big issues

Parenting is a tough job and there are plenty of times when a handbook wouldn't go astray, to help with the really big stuff - like starting school or welcoming a new baby into the family.

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Big Moment books are personalised with your child being the main character. Source: Seven Sharp

Now there's a new tool you can use.

Big Moments books were born during "mum chats" between Hannah Davison and Sydney-based mum Flicka Williams.

The Kaikōura earthquake in November 2016 brought that need home.

"We were badly affected by that quake and ran out with the kids in the middle of the night," Ms Davison says.

Back then, her son Alex was four and struggled to understand his body's reaction.

"We'd be driving to preschool and he'd be like, 'Mum, when I get scared, my teeth go up and down really fast.'"

Over three years, the Big Moments team - that spans the Tasman - has knocked off four books.

There's going to hospital, a new baby, going to school, and even death.

"It's a really tough one, but it's something that touches everyone's life at some point," Ms Davison says.

The list of potential tough ones is long and the team say they've already been asked for a book tackling divorce or separation.

"There are those moments where it's quite scary, because this is something I really want to get this right, or what's going to happen to my child?" Ms Davison says.