How much is your place worth? Fresh 2017 valuations of each and every Auckland property out today

Fresh valuations of each and every Auckland property have today been released by Auckland Council, and property owners can expect a large jump in their capital. 

To check your own property, or any address throughout Auckland, you can visit QV's website to see its estimated price as of 2017. 

Last Friday, Auckland Council released the percentage jump of its three-yearly property valuations, showing the average value of all Auckland property had increased by 45 per cent since 2014.

With residential property specifically rising 46 per cent, home owners in general can expect a large jump in the price of their property.

The local board areas that had the highest price spike, all above 45 per cent, were: Waiheke, Ōtara-Papetoetoe, Papakura, Māngere-Ōtāhuhu, Manurewa, Henderson-Massey, Maungakiekie-Tāmaki, Franklin, Howick, Rodney and Upper Harbour.

All other local boards in Auckland still saw a price escalation though, between 11 and 44 per cent.

As of October 2017, QV valued the average house in the Auckland area at $1,038,722.

Auckland Council chief economist David Norman says the rise in residential property is indicative of three factors.

"First, Auckland's strong population growth over the last three years has not been matched by increases in the number of new houses being built, and this has pushed prices up," Mr Norman says.

"Second, record low interest rates have allowed people to bid up prices to secure somewhere to live because housing has been in short supply.

"And third, the Unitary Plan has added a lot of value to properties that can now carry higher intensity residential development than before."

Auckland Council says the largest movements in the outer suburbs appear to be a product of higher demand in areas where property is cheaper.

Auckland, New Zealand - January 11, 2014: New Homes on January 11, 2014. House prices are booming around New Zealand - with the average price of an Auckland city home rocketing to $735,692.
Auckland houses (file picture). Source:

Watch: Thick haze blankets Auckland CBD as acrid smoke pours from Queen St fire

A large fire which broke out at a building in Auckland's CBD has now been put out.

Fire crews were called to the large blaze which broke out at the Whitireia Community Polytechnic building at the top of Queen Street near Karangahape Road after 8am.

Fifty firefighters and numerous appliances attended the fire which is believed to have started in the institutes's kitchen.

When fire crews arrived at the building it was well involved fire area commander Richard Twomey told 1 NEWS.

The Whitireia Polytechnic building has emergency tape surrounding it as smoke billows from the building. Source: 1 NEWS

"When we arrived we were told be the building warden that there were people inside," Mr Twomey says.

Fire crews are now checking to see if everyone is accounted for.

Fire crews have taped off the area around the building and a crane was brought in to douse the flames.

Whitireia Polytechnic journalism tutor Myrddin Gwynedd told 1 NEWS he was standing outside the building with "a couple of hundred people" moments after the fire broke out.

He said there "definitely was a fire" as he saw "thick, acrid smoke billowing from the building".

Mr Gwynedd said he arrived at the polytechnic an hour ago, and the smoke looked to be coming from the entrance of the third floor of the building.

"Luckily there were very few people inside."

Although the polytechnic owns the building, the third floor is used for commercial purposes.

"It looks like the fire has been contained," he said.

"The word is the building won't be able to be entered for at least two days."

He said no one has been injured.

NZTA says Queen Street has been closed between Mayoral Drive and Karangahape Road and motorists should expect delays.

Fire investigators is on their way to the scene to determine the cause of the fire.


Watch: Jacinda Ardern grilled by Jack Tame over whether Trump mistook her for Justin Trudeau's wife - 'It's quite complicated'

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern would not confirm reports of US President Donald Trump mistaking her for Canada's First Lady Sophie Trudeau at the ASEAN summit, today.

It came after comedian Tom Sainsbury told Newshub he was told "Donald Trump was confused for a good amount of time, thinking that she was [Canadian Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau's wife". 

On TVNZ1's Breakfast today Ms Ardern was asked by host Jack Tame if the incident happened, after claims she told two people about the possible incident. 

"Second-hand, someone observed that they thought that it had happened, but in all my interactions certainly President Trump didn't seem to confuse me when I interacted with him," Ms Ardern said.

"Someone else believed they had observed some confusion."

She would not reveal who the person was that made the observations.

"It's quite complicated Jack," Ms Ardern said when pressed by Mr Tame on the matter. 

"They observed what they believed to be a mistaken identity. I then had interactions that suggested he knew who I was, that was the point that I had been properly introduced so that probably cleared it up."

Ms Ardern said she told Sainsbury the "shortened version" of the story behind the scenes at the New Zealand Music Awards.  

Ms Ardern told Newsroom at the summit Mr Trump joked, "This lady caused a lot of upset in her country".

To which Ms Ardern answered, "You know, no-one marched when I was elected". 

The PM says a third party observed that the US President didn’t know who she was during a visit to Asia. Source: Breakfast