Much loved Kiwi TV ads, including Barry Crump driving a Hilux, showcased in online exhibition

Nga Taonga Sound and Vision has realised the importance of Kiwi television ads and the importance of retaining them. 

Nga Toanga Sound and Vision has seen the importance of retaining the gems. Source: 1 NEWS

It's just launched an online exhibition called Sellebration of more than 300 commercials from the 1920s through till today. 

"The feedback has been really good, it certainly has struck that nostalgic cord with people," said Nga Taonga Sound and Vision's Diane Pivac. 

"It really reminds people of a place in time, I think."

This month marks 56 years since the first television commercial was screened on New Zealand television.

Things have changed from the days when adverts for cigarettes or ads portraying women as housewives were common. 

"The Toyota startlet ad of the 1980s is really revealing in its stereotype - you know the soft focus, the gear changes and stuff... hopefully it wouldn't be made today," said Miss Pivac. 

The changing landscape of advertising is now easily accessible for New Zealanders to enjoy for years to come.