MPs try and hasten decision on fate of Christchurch's quake-damaged cathedral




MPs are trying to hasten the progress on Christchurch's derelict Anglican Cathedral to try to bring an end to years of delays and deadlocks. 

The meeting comes as the Government releases recommendations that the church be restored.
Source: 1 NEWS

The meeting of MPs yesterday comes as the Government released its own working group report after months of leaks that recommended the restoration of the city's church, at a cost of $100 million. 

Several political parties agreed to band together and are calling for the church to bring the September vote which will decide the fate of the church forward. 

Labour's Canterbury Issues Spokesperson Megan Woods told 1 NEWS, "it's simply not tolerable we continue with the lack of action".

Ms Woods said "perhaps there could be some compromise" from the church to bring the vote forward and says clear time frames need to be put in place about what is going to happen to the cathedral. 

Christchurch Regeneration Minister Nicky Wagner also agreed with Ms Woods, saying "maybe they could bring it forward".

However, the Anglican Church says those time frames are clear and it's decision will be made in September at the synod vote that'll likely come down to money. 

"If they decide on reinstatement, they will be faced with the responsibility of fundraising as much as, some would say more, but we'll say $50 million," said the Bishop of Christchurch, Victoria Matthews. 

The $50 million of extra cash is needed to make up the shortfall for the restoration bill and more money will be need to be found to pay for it's ongoing maintenance. 

"The insurance per year could be as high as $300,000," Bishop Matthews stated. 

"That's just under a $1,000 a day."

The church has previously explored options of a cheaper, contemporary design which will go up against the recommended reinstatement. 

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