Mother wants security in schools after violent video emerges

A South Island mother is calling for greater security in schools after footage emerged of her daughter being knocked unconscious.

A mother has called for greater security following the South Island incident. Source: 1 NEWS

The attack comes as the Government looks to put new laws in place limiting the physical restraint teachers can use at school, which some say could make the situation worse.

Kaylee Evans was knocked out and left with chipped teeth after being stomped in the head at Ashburton College last week.

In the short term, Ashburton College has suspended two students, and its board of trustees is yet to meet and decide on their longterm future.

Kaylee's mother wants action to stop it ever happening again.

"These kids need to be safe," she says.

The Ministry of Education introduced a new set of guidelines last year around the use of physical force by teachers, and those are currently on track to being made in to law.

The Ministry says the new laws will provide "greater legal certainty" around how and when teachers can use physical restraint.