'Mother Nature has a broken thermostat' - new temperature records for shortest day expected

New Zealand's warmer than average winter is threatening today to break temperature records for the shortest day of the year - with one record already falling.

Sunlight reflects off Auckland's Hauraki Gulf.
Sunlight reflects off Auckland's Hauraki Gulf. Source:

Main centres Auckland and Hamilton both have shortest day highest temperature records of 17.8 degrees Celsius while New Plymouth has a record of 16.4C and Nelson 15.5C.

The South Island might also get in on the action. Christchurch's record is 18.2C Dunedin 17.4C and Invercargill 14.4C.

ONE News weather presenter Dan Corbett says "some daily records could topple today".

"You would almost think Mother Nature has a broken thermostat that is stuck on a mild autumn setting," he said.

"Some daily records could topple today, which tend not to be as high as all-time monthly records."

Corbett said Waipara in North Canterbury has already reached 19 degrees Celsius, which beats its previous daily record high for the date of 18.8C.

He said the unseasonably warm air on the shortest day of the year "is down to some warmer than normal seas around New Zealand coupled with strong northerlies ahead of the incoming Tasman Sea low".

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Today, the shortest day of the year brings the least amount of daylight this year across the country with Auckland set to receive nine hours, 37 minutes and 58 seconds.

In the deep south, Invercargill will only get eight hours, 35 minutes and 5 seconds of daylight.

The good news, from tomorrow the amount of daylight each day will start to increase.