Most watched video: 'You can't wait here!' Tourist's hilarious misunderstanding of Queenstown bungy jump gets her a rev up

Note: This story was first published on Tuesday April 24

A tourist's misunderstanding of what bungy jumping involves made for a hilarious mix of chanting, directions from instructors and a seemingly endless waiting game on the Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown.

The woman was among Amway China representatives who included a visit to AJ Hackett Bungy while in Queenstown.

The bungy company posted a video on Facebook of the hilarious incident and it's gone viral.

"This is everything you need on a Friday afternoon (and more). Cheers for coming out Amway China... Jiayou!!!," the company wrote alongside the video.

The woman is seen standing on the platform with her arms stretched, in something akin to the famous scene of Rose in the Titanic movie.

The bungy instructors give her a countdown of "three, two, one bungy jump!" but she stands firm, smiling, apparently not realising she's supposed to jump.

The woman and onlookers chant "jiayou", a Chinese expression of encouragement, but she doesn't budge.

At one point an instructor tells her: "You need to go that way, you're going to jump forward, you need to go, you can't wait here."

Finally after several countdowns, the woman catches on to what she's supposed to do, and leaps from the bridge, one of her shoes coming off in the process.

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