Most watched video: Truckie's dashcam captures horrifying near misses on Kiwi roads

Note: THis story was first published on Monday May 21

A Northland truck driver has made a compilation video of dashcam footage that showcases some terrifying near misses on New Zealand's roads.

The driver posted the video to Facebook on Friday where it has since had nearly 300,000 views.

Clocking in at over four minutes, the compilation features a wealth of dangerous driving witnessed by the truck driver on a daily basis as he goes about his job.

One shocking incident sees a white station wagon narrowly avoiding an oncoming vehicle as it overtakes the truck, causing the oncoming car to flash its lights in warning.

Another shows a grey Mazda wagon barely making it in front of the truck as a passing lane finishes, braking sharply to avoid traffic in front.

According to statistics from the New Zealand Transport Agency there have already been 154 deaths on NZ roads this year, up from 141 at the same time last year.